PET BIRD PERSONALITIES (7): Lories, Lovebirds


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Lories are active, lively parrots from the South Pacific. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors to suit almost anyone’s taste. Keep in mind that these brush-tongued parrots are specialty feeders, favoring a diet of nectar and fruit over seeds or pellets.

Some lory species are likely to talk, and all are willing and able to play. Lories like to sleep in nest boxes even when they aren’t breeding, so they need to have an enclosed sleeping space attached to their cages. A play gym or a cagetop play area is also recommended for these acrobatic birds.

Lories enjoy frequent baths and may bathe in their water bowls. Their fruit-and-nectar-based diets cause them to produce messy droppings, although powdered forms of diet are available that make lory keeping easier. They are not recom-mended for first-time bird keepers.

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Lovebirds are energetic little parrots from Africa and Madagascar. They are avail-able in a variety of colors, including blue, green, and yellow and green.

Despite their seemingly cuddly name, lovebirds can be downright aggressive toward other birds and people. Hand-fed birds, which are easier to tame than parent-raised birds, require daily handling to retain their sweet pet qualities. Bird owners who want to admire their pets from afar may fare better with a less-tame pair in an aviary or flight.

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Lovebirds are prone to chewing and particularly enjoy ripping up paper.

They may also pick their feathers.

Although they’re little birds, lovebirds need good-sized cages because they like to climb and exercise. You’ll also have to provide your lovebirds with toys, which are another outlet for these parrots’ seemingly endless energy. Feed your lovebirds a good-quality seed mix supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. (Source: Julia Rach Mancini: Why Does My Birds Do That?)

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