PET BIRD PERSONALITIES (2): Brotogeris, Budgerigars


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The Brotogeris (pronounced bro-toe-JER-us) genus includes grey-cheeked, bee bee, and canary-winged parakeets. These small green birds from Mexico and South America have also been described as “pocket parrots” because of their small sizes and their fondness for hiding in the pockets of their owners’ shirts.

Brotogeris make bold pets. They can become very attached to their owners, and they can learn to be noisy if this behavior is reinforced. Brotogeris like to climb and are strong fliers, so be sure to keep a pet Brotogeris’s wings clipped. Some grey cheeks can be nippy if they are not handled regularly.

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Grey cheeks frequently bathe in their water bowls and can bathe themselves right out of drink-ing water. Their diet should include a good-quality seed mix or pellets supple-mented with fresh foods. They need medium-sized cages and ample time out of their cages to interact and play with their owners.


The budgerigar, commonly called a parakeet, hails from Australia. It has been kept in captivity since the 1840s and has been raised in captivity for more than a hundred years because Australia stopped exporting their perky little parrots in the 1890s. The budgie is the most commonly kept pet bird in the world. Budgies are noted for their talking ability, but owners may have to listen care-fully to hear their birds’ small voices.

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Budgies can be kept singly, in pairs, or in community aviaries. They are good pets for novice bird owners because of their small size and their relatively uncomplicated care regimens. Despite their small size, budgies need a good-sized cage in order to exercise properly, or they need out-of-cage time every day during which they can play and interact with their owners.

A balanced budgie diet includes seeds or pellets supplemented with an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables. Budgies are particularly fond of millet sprays as a treat.

(Source: Julia Rach Mancini: Why Does My Birds Do That?)

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