PET BIRD PERSONALITIES (10): Pionus, Quaker Parrots

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Pionus (pronounced pie-OH-nus) are generally quiet, curious birds from Latin America. These medium-sized, chunky parrots enjoy bathing and climbing, and they are noted for their chewing abilities. Pionus have gentle, even temperaments.

Pionus enjoy human companionship, but they do not need to be handled and cuddled in order to be content. Their size and quiet natures make them ideal for apartment dwellers.

Pionus may wheeze when excited, and they can be high-strung and some-what nervous. They do not tolerate heat or humidity well and may become stressed easily.

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Pionus socialize well and are good choices for first parrots. They need to be housed in large cages and fed a good-quality seed mixture or pellets supple-mented with fresh foods.

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Quaker Parrots

Quaker or monk parrots are small parrots from South America, available in a variety of colors, including green, lutino (yellow), and blue. Quakers can develop large vocabularies, and they are capable of learning to do tricks. They are chunky, active little birds who need adequate space in which to exercise. Quakers enjoy a daily bath.

Quakers can be aggressive toward other birds and humans who invade their space. They can also become possessive of their favorite person in the home. Keeping Quakers is illegal in some states because they are perceived as an agri-cultural threat if they escape.

Quakers should be housed in large cages and provided with plenty of toys. They should be fed a good-quality seed mix or pellets, supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. (Source: Julia Rach Mancini: Why Does My Birds Do That?)

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